Canine Search Foundations and Problem Solving

Join Joe Nick for his 2 day canine seminar. This seminar provides the opportunity for every level of experience to gain knowledge and increase your canine handling skills. All levels of training, certification or discipline welcome. This seminar will take place on June 9-10, immediately before the main MRA Conference. One canine per handler.


Cost:$190 – 2 days
   lunch included

Search & Rescue has become increasingly popular. Not only will your dog love it, but you will too! Dogs love to use their natural abilities to sniff. Nosework is excellent for building confidence and creating a stronger bond between you and your dog while providing mental and physical stimulation to exhaust some of that extra energy your dog has.

This seminar/workshop will be taught by Instructor Joe Nick of Joe Nick K-9 LLC. The first two hours of the seminar will be an instructional PowerPoint Presentation and lecture.

This presentation will convert the following key concepts:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the canine olfactory system.
  • Identifying and comprehending the capabilities of a detection dog.
  • Understanding the dog’s competencies and limitations that will affect being able to detect target odor.
  • Identifying the dog’s behavioral changes during contact with the target odor.
  • Search Patterning
  • Problem Solving

The rest of the first day and all of the second days will be a practical application working your dog through search areas. Whether new or experienced, this seminar is for you!

One canine per attendee. Air Scent, HRD, and Trailing handlers are welcome.

Instructor: Joe Nick

Joe Nick began his lifelong passion for the canine profession at an early age. Then continued his obsession with working canines by serving in the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division, where he attended the Airborne Academy school specializing in Amphibious Warfare Training, Incident Command Training, and Leadership Master Training. After his Military Service, Joe went on to continue to serve his country, where he served as a Police Officer and Correction Law Enforcement Officer for the New Jersey Department of Corrections. As the Chief Canine Instructor for Tactical Operations, Drug Recognition Expert, Drug Lab Awareness instructor for 24 years before retiring in 2010.

During Joe’s tenure, he was instrumental in developing the State of New Jersey Canine Detection Cell Phone program, training canines to detect cell phones in correctional facilities. He also served on the New Jersey Attorney General’s advisory panel to develop and institute the state plan for Law Enforcement Canine Teams (LECT). He assisted in the conception of the first New Jersey State Police Canine Tracking School. Joe was involved in discovering Megan Kanka, which is now named (Megan’s Law) and has received numerous Commendations, Awards, and Letters for his service.

Joe also has been credited for over 300+ cases involving missing persons, suicide, murder, escapes, and evidence recovery at crime scenes. He has extensive experience conducting street operations supporting Municipal, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

With over 38 years and thousands of countless hours combined between the Military, Police, Corrections, and Civilian training and canine working dog’s instruction, Joe continues his love and passion by serving as a subject matter expert and the Executive Director of the John “Sonny” Burke Police K-9 Academy in Atlantic County, New Jersey. He continues to work with numerous Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to establish procedures and guidelines to regulate the deployment use of Police K-9 Units, K-9 handler performance, official police duty, and Police personnel within the K-9 field.

Joe Nick is also speaking at the Main Conference on June 11. Register for the for pre-conference and the Main Conference!

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