Canine Trailing Fundamentals and Advanced Skills

This 2-day long seminar will by taught by Denise Alvord and Nick Hodgen on June 9-10, 2021, immediately before the main MRA conference.

This 2-day workshop will focus on building and reinforcing a solid tracking/trailing foundation.  Each team will have opportunity for multiple repetitions of drills and trails, with emphasis on isolating and training the individual variables and skills involved in working beginner to advanced trails.  Start Drills, Scent Discrimination and General Problem Solving.  Instruction is always individualized to the dog/handler teams attending. Every drill and problem is set up to complement the level and fit the training needs of the individual dog team. One canine per handler and there will be a maximum of 8 canine teams.


Cost:$265 – 2 days
   lunch included


Denise Alvord, CO-TF1, Larimer County Search and Rescue, Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado

Denise has been heavily involved in multiple aspects of mountain and urban search and rescue since 2005.  She has trained/certified and works her own dogs in Trailing, Air Scent, Cadaver (land and water recovery), Avalanche and Disaster.  Additionally, she has raised/trained and assisted in the training of numerous dogs who continued on to certified SAR and LE careers.  Denise responds regularly to K9 requests at the local/regional level as well as nationally, working in a variety of terrain and climates, and has had opportunity to train SAR and Law Enforcement groups across the country.  Denise has worked to develop a training system that creates clarity and dedication in trailing dogs.  She enjoys training and working with handlers to assist in developing individualized training plans to maximize their dogs’ potential.

Sgt Nick Hodgen, Hillsboro Police Department

Nick has been a Police Officer for 16 years and a K9 handler for 12 years.  He is Head Trainer and the primary training decoy for a regional Law Enforcement K9 training group and has assisted with regional Patrol and Detection handler schools and training. Nick dedicated an immense amount of time and effort specializing in decoy and apprehension work before expanding his expertise into the world of scentwork, and has since decoyed and instructed at multiple Police, sport and SAR dog workshops across the country. Nick has had opportunity to work with a wide variety of dogs, from building confidence in a lower drive or less bold dog to harnessing, controlling and focusing the “over the top” dog.  Nick has learned to work with and get the most out of each individual animal.  

Denise is also speaking at the Main Conference on June 11. Register for the for pre-conference and the Main Conference!

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