Keynote Speakers

Scott Thybony
Friday Keynote Speaker

Scott Thybony is an anthropologist by education and a writer by profession. The former river guide and archeologist writes books and articles for major magazines and newspapers.  His interviews have ranged from astronauts to medicine men, and his travels through North America have resulted in award-winning stories. Having lived with Navajo Indians in the American Southwest and the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, he brings to his writing an enthusiasm for the natural world and those living close to it.

Charles “Butch” Farabee
Saturday Keynote Speaker

Butch Farabee grew up in Tucson, graduating from the University of Arizona in 1965. As an
Eagle Scout, his first search was at 16 in 1958. He began with the National Park Service in 1961,
building trails for 5 summers in the High Sierra, then spending 35 more years in that agency,
retiring in 2000 from Glacier National Park. So, he went from a grubby trail crew thru park
ranger, chief ranger and Superintendent. In total, working in 11 different National Park areas
including not only Death Valley, Lake Mead and Glen Canyon, but also 10 years in Yosemite and
6 at the Grand Canyon, both where he oversaw SAR. He was the NPS’s first National Emergency
Services Coordinator for 4 years. And has taught SAR for over 40 years. Along the way, he was
on the Tucson Police Department for 3 years. In 2001, he was made an MRA Honorary Lifetime
Member and also now serves on the Board of the Friends of Yosemite Search and Rescue. He
has authored or co-authored 5 books, 4 of which directly relate to SAR. Tonight, he is
announcing a 6 th book, “Highlights and History of Southern Arizona Search and Rescue: 1901-
2000.” It is digital, online, and free. But frankly, what he is most proud of, are his 2 sons and
their families, including his 4 grandchildren.

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