SAR Games

The SAR Games is a series of field activities where conference attendees work in small groups to work through various search & rescue activities. You will get to meet new people, work with members of teams from around the country, and learn new rescue skills as you navigate through the mountains of Pennsylvania. You will start the day by taking the ski lift to the top of the mountain, then At the stations, you get the opportunity to experience the newest gear available, under the supervision of representatives from our sponsors, like CMC, Cascade Rescue, Petzl, and helicopters from Lifeflight and the Pennsylvania State Police .

Bring your callout pack, rain gear, helmet, harness, and gloves, and get ready for hands on learning! The SAR Games takes place on Saturday, June 12. You will be in the field all day, including for lunch (which will be provided).

If you don’t want to do the field activities, no worries! There will also be training classes and lectures on topics such as leadership, communication, helicopters, and mapping happening at the hotel. So there will be something for everyone!

After the SAR Games and classes, we conclude the conference Saturday night with the silent auction, the MRA annual banquet, and a keynote talk by Special Agent Aaron Smith, from the National Park Service.

Stations are hands-on, giving you the opportunity to practice skills and use the equipment under supervision of the manufacture or other experts. Stations include:

  • CMC Rescue – Dual main line rescue with the the Clutch.

  • Petzl – Rescue Raise system
  • Cascade Rescue & Laurel Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol – Patient packaging and litter movement with the Ti2 piece Pro Series titanium litter
  • Mechanical Advantage Game hosted by American Alpine Institute guides
  • Medical scenario by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting
  • Litter obstacle course
  • Navigation
  • Shelter building
  • Knot tying
  • and more
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